Mary Lake Motessori Preschool


Each of the four main areas within the Montessori curriculum provides growth at the child's pace.

In addition to the four main areas of Montessori, arts and crafts, science, and geography are also made available in the classroom. Songs and stories are part of the daily routine. Children are introduced to various topics such as different areas of the world, space, seasons and health, just to name a few. Our curriculum is spread over the course of the year through classroom work, stories and songs.

Children are encouraged to solve problems for themselves, to further master independence and interact positively with others. Positive interaction is encouraged while individuality is fostered by a program customized to each child's abilities.

Children spend two hours of their classroom experience exploring their environment through use of the materials. Children are free to choose the activities that interest them as well as work individually with teachers practicing skills or having new work introduced to them. Children's progress is monitored and reported to parents.