Mary Lake Motessori Preschool


In choosing a Montessori program, examine basic facilities. Enough space for private time, enough of the right educational tools, enough room for play and exploring. Those elements come together in the 30+ year tradition at Mary Lake. We have large classrooms and a large playground. We welcome you visit to our warm, spacious and comfortable environment.


Mary Lake Montessori, Inc. was founded in 1984 as Saint Mary of the Lake Montessori School. The name was changed in 1989 to Mary Lake Montessori. The shorter name was easier to remember and it better reflected the school as a separate entity from the parish from whom we rent.

Mary Lake Montessori, Inc. began as a one room preschool and extended day kindergarten of thirty children. It later expanded to three classrooms serving fifty children to meet the growing needs of working families. The program was changed to two classrooms of twenty-two children each and the child care and afterschool programs were added. The latter reduction in size was done to better serve the community by creating classes with fewer children and more staff thus creating a higher quality program. Currently we have two classrooms with 18 children and three teachers in each room due to the high demand for our program. In addition, we have a 4-Year-Old Kindergarten with 20 children with two lead teachers and one assistant. We are part the of Waunakee School District 4K Program. The Afterschool program has 30 children and two teachers serving children ages 5 to 11 years.


The staff at Mary Lake Montessori is energetic, caring, creative and friendly. The various training and backgrounds create a diverse staff which compliments each other's teaching and learning styles.

Mary Lake Montessori staff is willing to work with all children and parents to create an environment comfortable for the children. The staff at Mary Lake Montessori treats each child as an individual and helps each child feel loved, safe and respected.

All staff have been trained in early child development, child and adult CPR and first aid. All lead teachers are Montessori trained.