Mary Lake Motessori Preschool


Mary Lake Montessori's mission is to provide an educationally stimulating environment for children. We strive to create an atmosphere conducive to each child reaching his/her fullest potential while allowing him/her to be an individual as well as providing a caring, safe environment for children to be while parents are at work. "Help me to do it myself."


Education must be more than a babysitter. It must be more than a child "putting in time." We at Mary Lake Montessori understand you want your child to reach full potential. To take advantage of inherent intellectual, social, and societal skills. To do this, children must be filled with the wonder of their environment. The wonder of other people. The wonder of other ideas. The wonders of the world. The Montessori teaching method accelerates children's understanding of their work through an environment that makes the child the center of education.

Montessori adapts to the interests and needs of the child and instills within the child a thirst for knowledge. That thirst is the building block of understanding.